All Weather Walkers


May 12, 2007


We walked the many paths in forested Lacamas Park, site of AWW’s maiden event in 1992. Featured were  the renowned Camas Lily fields, Lacamas Creek, Round Lake, swirling waterfalls, and varied wildlife. The entire route was within the park with mostly dirt and gravel trail surfaces Including several hills.

May was National Physical Fitness and Sports month, and patches were available.  We also had certificates for World Walking Day.

Based on comments from returning walkers, we were happy that so many people enjoyed the walk and had such good things to say about it.  From one email:

Thanks for your help...the walk today was the absolute best!  It was beautiful.


Three photographers contributed to this report:

1.  Catherine Rund, a new Volkswalker, has her own volkssports group on Flickr

2.  Co-chair Jan Breneman took a varied series of pictures.

3.  Co-chair Joe Titone took pictures of the Camas lilies.

Catherine's pictures Jan's pictures Joe's pictures

10th anniversary pictures

Head-on view of the lower falls with the McEnry bridge in the background