Weekend (and Holiday) Walks
a service of the All Weather Walkers
Vancouver, WA

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The All Weather Walkers (AWW) will be coordinating group walks on some
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays when there are no nearby sponsored
events. The intent is to provide an opportunity for a group(s) to walk
a series of YREs8 when no other nearby event is scheduled. These walks
may be cancelled if a sponsored event is sanctioned after we publish our

AWW will provide a walk coordinator(s) who will be at the YRE start point at
the scheduled time. These walks will be published in AWW's monthly
newsletter, on this web page, and in Wendy's Walk Oregon and Walk
Washington email newsletters. You can also join our email list.

3 Bridges Walk on February 27, 2010 with 59 walkers


Walk from Good Sam. 2/28/15

Pictures from our Summerfield walk on 7/3/2009

Pictures from our 3 Cities 3 Parks walk on 9/6/2009

More Pictures


Jan Johnston took this movie at our August 2006 Ridgefield walk.
 It's a long download if you have dialup.

1.  We take requests.

2.  Please volunteer to be a walk leader as you have time.  You can select the walk, the day, and the start time.  An AWW member will assist.  We'll even consider holding these walks on a weekday (not a Wednesday or Thursday).

                                                    Walk Schedule


You can click on the YREnnnn link to get more information about the walk such as the description and driving directions. 

Saturday, Jan 28, 2017, 10:00 a.m. Portland Group Walk
Please arrive early enough to sign in so the walk can begin at 10:00.  This is primarily a group walk, but all are welcome: fast walkers, slow walkers, and new walkers.  Note: the 10K usually moves at a brisk pace.  If you want to do the 10K and have doubts about your ability to keep up, please check with one of the leaders.

Leaders: 10K: Dick Baker <dickbkr@q.com>

5K: Joe Titone <titone@usc.edu> or Barbara Baker

Hollywood - Lloyd Center Walk, YRE 1708 - 5K/10K rated 1A

Lloyd Center Food Court (do not go to the normal start for this walk) 

Directions: contact one of the leaders if you need directions

Club web site: http://www.rosecityroamers.org/

Weekend Walking web site: http://www.allweatherwalkers.org/weekend.htm