Moulton Falls walk

May 10, 2008


pictures supplied by Dick Baker and Jan Breneman


pictures from 2001


The Walking Bridge on the East Fork of the Lewis River



Moulton Falls Regional Park is a 325 acre park located in forested lands at the confluence of the East Fork of the Lewis River and Big Tree Creek. Several trails start in the park including Lucia Falls-Moulton Falls Trail and Bells Mountain Trail. There are many small waterfalls and rapids along the trail and much wildlife.


Laurie, Carla, Vera and Joann


The 10K route started in the upper parking lot area and went past the restrooms then along the Lucia Falls Moulton Falls Trail, a level compacted gravel trail, to the Trailhead at Hantwick Road then returning to the restrooms for about 9 km. The route  crossed NE Lucia Falls Road and used a narrow dirt nature trail to the falls on Big Tree Creek before returning to the start/finish area.  The last 1K was difficult for strollers because of the dirt trail with roots and other natural hazards including many steps with one very high step.


Moulton Falls on the East Fork of the Lewis River


The 5KM route was similar but turned around at the checkpoint.




Swinging Bridge and small waterfall on Big Tree Creek



Falls on Big Tree Creek